Samyang 10mm T3.1 ED AS NCS CS APS-C Wide Angle Lens for Nikon F mount video DSLR
Samyang Optics 10mm T3.1 VDSLR ED AS NCS CS II is a ultra wide angle manual focus cine lens designed for APS-C sensor sizes.Cine Lens FeaturesSamyang 10mm T3.1 VDSLR ED AS NCS CS II is carefully designed for professional film...
$249.00 $199.00
Samyang 16mm T2.2 ED AS UMC Aspherical CS APS-C Lens for Nikon F mount video DSLR camera D500 D7500 D5600
The Samyang 16mm T2.2 Cine Lens for Nikon F is a wide-angle lens optimized for digital cinematography. The lens produces an image circle that will cover APS-C sized sensors or smaller. The focus and aperture rings feature industry-standard 0.8 pitch...
$269.00 $189.00
Samyang 8mm F/3.5 Fisheye CS Lens for Samsung NX mount DSLR Camera NX5 NX100 NX200
Samyang is original lens factory in Korea, which help many other Brand OEM their lens.This new Samyang lens is designed and manufactured using patented complex hybrid aspherical lens manufacturing technology, coupled with state-of-the-art optical technology. Samyang has succeeded in reducing...
$239.00 $135.00
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